Wowo's Interior Finisher

Size: 500 ml
Sale price$16.99 CAD


You’ve cleaned it, now PROTECT it! Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER is an anti-static cockpit finisher designed for all interior plastics and other hard surfaces. INTERIOR FINISHER leaves a soft satin sheen and a clean, fresh scent.

☑️ UV PROTECTION FROM HARMFUL RAYS: Effectively Protects Your Interior Plastics From Fading And Cracking In Direct Sunlight  

☑️ ANTI-STATIC: Keeps Your Car’s Interior Clean and Protected For Longer

☑️ SAFE FOR ALL SURFACES: For Use On All Plastics, Vinyl, Leather And More

☑️ NON-GREASY FORMULA: Water-Based With A Fresh Interior Scent

Wowo’s INTERIOR FINISHER is the best for all your interior plastics and vinyl surfaces! The water-based formula with UV inhibitors, anti-static capabilities and a fresh scent means this is exactly what you want and need to protect your interior. A standard application leaves a nice satin finish.  For a shinier look, simply add a little more product and wipe it down with a quality Microfiber towel!

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