Ecoclear Aegis: The Next Generation in Anti-Corrosion Coating

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IGL Aegis is a state of the art, multi award-winning anti corrosion coating that is rewriting the rule book on what is possible for your 4x4, work horse and weekend warrior!

Validation: IGL Aegis surpasses 13 global industrial standards, excelling in lifespan, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance.

Application: Achieve a clear and clean finish with IGL Aegis, applicable on Steel, Wood, Glass, Alloy, Metals, and Concrete.

Durability: Boasting a remarkable 15-year lifespan, IGL Aegis ensures long-lasting protection against corrosion, mud, oil, and grime.

Versatility: Suitable for diverse industries, including Cargo, Oil & Gas, Mining, Storage, Pipelines, and Windmills.

Hydrophobic Barrier: Enjoy a ceramic-like coating that repels water, making cleaning and maintenance effortless.

Scratch and Chip Resistance: IGL Aegis stands strong against scratches and chips, maintaining the integrity of coated surfaces.


What is Ecoclear Aegis?

Ecoclear Aegis is a graphene-reinforced, silicone hybrid, resin-based 2K paint solution. Created specifically to protect against highly corrosive environments (C5).

The ISO Corrosivity Classification table defines six corrosivity categories:

(C1 – very low, C2 – low, C3 – medium, C4 – high, C5 – very high, CX – extreme).

C5 = industrial areas with high exposure to pollutants, coastal and marine settings.

Traditional anti-corrosion coatings often employ the use of thick paint pigments which often cover the entire surface to prevent permeation. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to identify and locate corrosion at an early stage. This is where Aegis shines as the clear anti-corrosion coating. 

IGL Ecoclear Aegis 

Several factors can influence the deterioration of a  protective coating system. Such as weather, permeation, stress and biological influences. These factors can work in tandem with unpredictable catastrophic results, making the choice for the right paint system crucial.

Aegis is the ultimate protection against corrosion. It’s greener formula protects and delays corrosion longer than traditional solutions. Early signs of corrosion can be easily detected with the anti-corrosion clear coating. Saving time, costs and accidents with preventive measures.


Why Anti-Corrosion Clear Coating?

Aegis is unique at IGL Coatings. Where we have previously introduced Graphene Nanoplatelets in your favourite coatings like Ecocoat Kenzo and Quartz+, Aegis uses Graphene Nanotubes (GNT) instead.

GNT increases Aegis’s performance significantly. It is particularly excellent as a barrier against both oxidation and chemical attacks. And GNT improves barrier properties making it harder for water molecules to pass through.

The benefits in GNT includes a lighter, stronger more durable coating. Weighing in at only 50 µm per layer, Aegis is significantly lighter while being stronger than traditional solutions.


Stronger, Greener, Lighter & More durable than traditional Anti-Corrosion Coating

Aegis was tested for various aspects in relation to its hydrophobicity, adhesion, gloss, chemical resistance and most importantly durability.

IGL ecoclear aegis coating test results meticulous detailing

 *Test Results as of December 2023


IGL Coatings is a market leader in green nanotechnology coatings and cleaning & maintenance solutions for various industries. IGL Coatings is one of the leading brands in North America and Europe and is currently available in over 50 countries worldwide.

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IGL Ecoclear Aegis