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For over 130 years, German based company Menzerna has developed an extensive range of compounds and polishing agents in its pursuit of “Perfection in Polishing.” As the largest manufacturer of solid polishing compounds in the world, Menzerna earned its reputation through intensive research & development, precisely controlled production to ensure product equality, and the design of polishing processes where efficiency is valued as much as finish quality.

Menzerna polishes and accessories set the standards for professional polishing in the detailing industry. From trades to bulk consumers with full automation, Menzerna produces a broad range of products designed for numerous industries, applications, and surfaces, without using silicones and fillers.

With outstanding economic efficiency and process security, the Menzerna polishes and accessories available on our site are the gold standard, selected carefully by Menzerna polishing agent specialists themselves.

Menzerna solid compounds

Solid Compounds

Menzerna offers solid polishing pastes for all common materials: Aluminium, stainless steel, brass, plastic or coated wood surfaces. In addition to providing efficient and flawless finishes, Menzerna provides clear labeling and instruction with products tailored to each base material and polishing stage.

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Menzerna polishes


Menzerna polishes restore and preserve value  – economically and safely. Some of their car polishes use diminishing abrasives to go from super heavy to medium cut and finish polishing stages in one step, while their boat polishes yield high-performance and safety for all types of gel coats.

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Menzerna accessories


From car shampoo and wash mitts to polishing pads and backing plates, Menzerna offers many of the tools you need to prepare your surface for polishing and achieve the best results possible. Menzerna’s pads are designed specifically for use with their compounds, and are colour-coded to match each compound’s polishing stage.

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Menzerna Automotive Polish Chart 

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