P&S detailing brandP&S has been a big name in the detailing industry for over 50 years. They have always remained in business throughout and are constantly inventing and renovating newer and better products. P&S produces products that address many different aspects of detailing. From paint correction to liquid waxes, P&S has a high-quality product to service all of your detailing needs.
P&S even teamed up with detailing master, Renny Doyle, to produce a line of professional-grade detailing products catered specifically to professional detailers. The Double Black Renny Doyle Collection is an exceptional line of products that will allow your detailing business to take it to the next level of quality results.


Double Black Renny Doyle Collection

This collection has been hand selected by Renny Doyle himself, detailer of Air Force One. Professional yet easy to use products.

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P&S Products

Offering numerous detailing products for paint correction and protection, interior and exterior cleaning, vehicle wash, glass cleaning, and so much more.

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