TEC585 G-Max Graphene Coating 2oz

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G-MAX™ Graphene Coating

is the latest evolution in exterior car care.
The product takes protection and turns the performance up to 11. Surface

slickness is off the charts. Water beading is unstoppable. Gloss is eye

piercing. Protection is the max.


TEC585 is a professional only graphene ceramic coating, developed to

meet the latest standards in car care, while maintaining an easy to use

format. There is no need for extended dry times or the use of IR lights. The

graphene ceramic coating easily glides over all exterior surfaces, has a long

dwell/work time, wipes off effortlessly, and does not streak. Treated surfaces

will appear as if they are freshly painted and will look miles deep.

G-MAX™ Graphene Coating
 is a dual function molecule which chemically
bonds to the clear coat of the vehicle. The formula uses world leading pure

silica, combined with graphene, to create the almost impenetrable protective

layer. The inorganic end of the molecule forms the hard, chemical bond with

the clear coat, while the organic end of the molecule creates the hydrophobic

(water fearing) end. This dual functionality allows the clear coat to become

resistant to environmental elements, such as acid rain, bird droppings,

fallout, and ultraviolet degradation.

Treated surfaces will maintain a beautiful appearance for years and always

display a freshly detailed look *when properly maintained. Surfaces will

become resistant to dirt/grime buildup and will clean up easier.


Latest evolution of protection
 Easy to use on all exterior surfaces
 Eye piercing gloss
 Resistant to environmental elements
 For today’s modern vehicles

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