Size: 16 oz spray
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G-MAX™ Graphene Detail Spray features ceramic and graphene infusion to provide superior gloss and protection. TEC584 is the latest in exterior car care. The product takes the ease of use of a detail spray and turns the performance up to 11. Surface slickness is off the charts. Water beading is unstoppable. Gloss is eye piercing. Protection is the max. G-MAX™ Graphene Detail Spray is a versatile product which can be used on all of today’s modern vehicle surfaces. The spray and wipe
product is effortless and gives whole vehicle protection within minutes. 
Using G-MAX™ on your vehicle provides whole vehicle protection for up to 6 months with one application. Maintain that protection by reapplying G-MAX™ every 6 months. Repeated use of the product builds layers of protection and only enhances the overall look and protective qualities.


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. For first time application - wash and dry vehicle. Perform any needed preparation steps for a flawless finish (claybar, polish, etc.). Apply a few sprays to a panel. Use one microfiber towel to lightly wipe product into finish. Use a second microfiber towel to wipe to a high gloss shine. For subsequent application (wet vehicle) - wash vehicle. Apply a few sprays to a panel. Wipe dry with a microfiber towel. For best results, start with glass first
to avoid streaking. 
For subsequent application (dry vehicle) - wash and dry vehicle. Apply a few sprays to a panel. Use one microfiber towel to lightly wipe product into finish. Use a second microfiber towel to wipe to a high gloss shine. If surface begins to streak, use another dry microfiber towel or use less sprays per panel.


 Latest evolution of protection
Easy to use on all exterior surfaces
Eye piercing gloss
Resistant to environmental elements
Tropical Fragrance
For todays modern vehicles
Up to 6 months of protection

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