Supreme Foam Polishing Pad (Case of 10)

Size: 3" (no center hole)
Sale price$76.99 CAD


Why have one when you can get 10 and save up to a dollar on each pad!




Oberk SFPP (Supreme Foam Polishing Pad) is the perfect option when one step polishing any paint, or as a second step.  The 85ppi foam offers a silky smooth feel but a unique density to offer a flawless finish. Engineered profile and sizing to offer optimal performance on all DA and rotary type polishers.


  • Premium European foam with superior durability.
  • Center hole for cooling purposes.
  • Perfect when combined with Oberk Supreme Polish for a one step polish or as a second step when following Oberk Supreme Compound.
  • NOTE - 3" pad does not come with center hole

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