Scangrip Matchpen

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Scangrip's Matchpen is a slim designed, small penlight easy to carry and always at hand in the pocket. The light output is very powerful with excellent colour recognition properties. Born with excellent colour rendering properties for colour match, the penlight is designed for inspection in the workshop and especially useful for detection of scratches, pinholes and swirl marks.

  • Focus function for concentrated and focused light beam ranging from 10° to 70°
  • Two AAA batteries are included
  • Made of sturdy and durable aluminum supplied with solvent resistant glass lens

// Lighting solutions for the painting industry
Being the most comprehensive and sophisticated of its kind in the world, the new generation SCANGRIP lights for the painting industry are made for colour matching, detailing and general paint work and are usable everywhere a painted surface needs inspection.

// CRI+ 
With Scangrip's lighting solutions for the painting industry, they're making use of the CRI+ term defined as an average of all 15 R-values. This is the only correct definition of the CRI value to be used for accurate and reliable colour recognition.  

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