Scangrip Line Light R

Sale price$119.99 CAD


Rechargeable inspection hand lamp with top spot light.  The LINE LIGHT R is an extremely powerful inspection light and flashlight in one.

The sturdiness of the LINE LIGHT R make it endure even strong strokes and shocks from daily use in the rough workshop environment. With its slim design (Ø25mm), it is possible to illuminate even the most narrow and hard to reach areas.

By means of a built-in prism, LINE LIGHT R concentrates the light in a 75° beam angle providing an extremely bright and powerful illumination of the specific working area. Avoid blinding during work and adjust the beam angle to provide optimal work light at the specific work area.

A flexible gooseneck with a strong built-in magnet or with suction cup fixture are available as optimal accessories.

LINE LIGHT R is made in Denmark


  • Improved light output increased by more than 170%

  • Powerful inspection light and flashlight in one

  • Rechargeable with up to 4h operating time

  • Sturdy and waterproof, IP65

  • New magnetic, electronic switch

  • Ultra-slim design (ø25mm) allows inspection in even the most inaccessible places


Light Source 16 SMD LEDs

Luminous Flux, Max (Lumen) 400

Illuminance, Max (Lux) 900

Illuminance Distance (Meter) 0.50

CR IRa > 80

CCT (Kelvin) 6000

Beam Angle Main 75°

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