Scangrip Colour Match Kit

Sale price$579.99 CAD


Complete kit content:

  • 1 x SUNMATCH 2
  • 1 x MULTIMATCH 2
  • 1 x I-MATCH 2

Comes in a custom made shock resistant case.

SCANGRIP has developed a complete concept of specialized work light solutions designed for the detailing and paint industry.

The SCANGRIP DETAILING concept has embedded all possible needs for effective and specially designed work lights including suspension and stand solutions for both stationary and flexible positioning of the lights.

The second generation Detailing lights features a new 2 COLOUR LIGHT function. This provides you with the option to choose between 2 different colour temperatures depending on the type of job to be carried out. Typically, the WARM LIGHT (4500K) is useful for bright surfaces, and COLD LIGHT (6500K) is ideal for dark coloured surfaces. 

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