Rupes Ultra Fine Foam Pad

Size: 5"
Sale price$12.99 CAD


RUPES custom pads have been specifically design and constructed to pair perfectly with RUPES Big Foot Polishers. The yellow polish produces incredible bright results. These balanced pads run smooth to produce amazing results. NOTE: On the Mark II edition pad speed is not recommend to exceed 4. Doing so may cause pad failure at a higher rate than expected.

Note: a 7” Pad has a foam face of 7” but a velcro hook and loop of 6”, and a 6” Pad has a foam face of 6” and a velcro hook and loop of 5”, and so on.

This pad is made of a high intensity resin that gives the foam its special soft texture and fine cell structure.  It easily adapts to curves and contours of both sport and vintage cars.  Given its particular softness and conformability, it is especially effective in the finishing of high-gloss surfaces. We recommend using it in combination with the Diamond compound to achieve a “show car” finish.

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