Rupes Skorpio RH359 ****

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Available as non-vacuum (RH359), central vacuum (RH359A) or self-generated vacuum (RH359T) models, the 9mm Skorpio III pneumatic dual-action palm sander reduces the time typically needed to sand a surface by up to 50% making it is RUPES’ fastest cutting dual-action palm sander.  All Skorpio III sanders feature engineered motors designed to maximize torque, even with low or inconsistent airflow.

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With a massive sanding orbit of 9mm, the RH359, RH359A, and RH359T Skoprio III Dual-Action Palm Sanders are engineered to be extremely smooth and quiet in operation, and the lightweight ergonomic design makes their operation effortless.

The RH359 Skorpio III Dual-Action Palm Sander models have an advanced motor designed to maximize torque, even when faced with reduced or inconsistent airflow, for consistent results. The Skorpio III also features a RUPES designed backing plate, precision bearings, and high-quality componentry for long tool life in high-stress environments.

The 9mm Skoprio III is the ideal choice for fast material removal. Available in standard, non-vacuum (RH359), vacuum (RH359A), or self-generated vacuum (RH359T).

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