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Available as non-vacuum (RH353), central vacuum (RH353A) or self-generated vacuum (RH353T) versions, the 3mm Skorpio III pneumatic dual-action palm sander is incredibly well balanced and offers very fine material removal rates, ideal for edgework sanding, or finish sanding in a variety of applications. All Skorpio III sanders feature engineered motors designed to maximize torque, even with low or inconsistent airflow.

RUPES understands that user comfort is one of the most important factors in delivering high-levels final results. The RH353 Skorpio III Dual-Action Palm Sander is lightweight and ergonomically designed to maintain comfort for hours at a time. Each component of the mechanical system is engineered for ultra-smooth operation and minimal noise production.

Much more than a pretty face, the RUPES RH353 Skorpio III Dual-Action Palm Sander features a high-density metal rotor with composite blades, a RUPES’ engineered and built backing plate, and the highest-quality bearings and components. A sander sands, but a Skorpio III provides the technician with comfort and consistent results.

Use the 3mm Skorpio III to control material removal rates, for edge work, or for fine sanding. This sander is available in standard, non-vacuum (RH353), vacuum (RH353A), or self-generated vacuum (RH353T).

Ø Backing Plate – 150mm – 6in

Ø Orbit Diameter – 3mm

Working Pressure – 6.2bar – 90PSI

Air Consumption Max – 340 l/min – 12CFM

R.P.M. – up to 11,000

Weight – 2.8kg/6.17lbs

Spindle Thread – M8 F

Air Inlet Thread – 1/4″ GAS

Backing Plate Supplied – 981.500

 RH353 – No Vacuum

RH353A – Central Vacuum

RH353T – Self-Generated Vacuum (Venturi)

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