Rupes Fine Foam Pad

Size: 3"
Sale price$9.99 CAD


Note: a 7” Pad has a foam face of 7” but a velcro hook and loop of 6”, and a 6” Pad has a foam face of 6” and a velcro hook and loop of 5”, and so on.

The most versatile of the BigFoot pads, the fine pad adapts itself to the type of compound being used.  Its fine cell structure gives it a fairly stiff very conformable consistency and its fine resins enhance the gloss achieved in high-speed corrections. We recommend using it in combination with:

  • Quartz (green) compound to generate a quality finish in a one-step process

  • Keramik (yellow) compound to remove light swirls and holograms on difficult surfaces

  • Diamond (white) compound for extremely high gloss levels on very hard surfaces.



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