Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Technology Deluxe Kit

Size: Long Neck Polisher Kit
Sale price$899.99 CAD


  • Short or Long Neck Polisher
  • Premium Tool Case
  • Zephir Compound, Keramik Polish
  • 4/Blue Course Pad, 4/Yellow Fine Pads - 2.75" Pads
  • 6/Blue Course Pad, 6/Yellow Fine Pads - 1.5" Pads
  • 2/batteries, 1/charger, 1/adapter
  • Rotary Adapter, 3mm & 12mm orbit units
  • various brush/sanding accessories

RUPES is quickly becoming known as the company which sells the coolest polishers on the planet and has really hit the mark this time with the introduction of the Nano iBrid Technology. iBrid is a play on words because it combines Li-ION battery technology with electric power. The Nano operates on batteries for 30 minutes (2 – batteries included and charge in 20 minutes) or can be plugged in. LED lights indicate the charge levels on the battery. The Nano is a mini polisher gives you the option to switch between rotary, 3mm random orbital and 12mm random orbital action. If you are looking for a specialty tool to get in to tights spaces the Nano is the perfect choice. 

Long Neck polisher kit or Short Neck polisher kits available.


  • New generation Li-ION battery. Fast recharge and long duration. High torque motor provides identical performance in battery powered or corded mode, but allows for use virtually anywhere
  • PLUG & PLAY POWER SUPPLY - Allows the Nano to operate as a corded tool. The fully integrated design works just like a standard corded tool and provides endless power for extended usage.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The tapered shape of the power supply keeps the compact design and single handed operation of the tool while still providing endless operation time.
  • BATTERY STATUS LED - LED indicators display battery status ensuring proper maintenance of the battery itself.
  • BATTERY CHARGER - Custom designed to fit the NANO’s unique battery pack system.

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