Real Clean Aviation WingMan Bug Remover Spray

Size: 16 oz
Sale price$13.99 CAD


Insect matter and bugs accumulate on leading edges during low level flight. It's unavoidable and frustrating. There is nothing worse than baked on bugs on your aircraft leading edge. 

If you are using just water to break down the residue, you run the risk of scratching the paint by scrubbing the surface. That's why you need Wing Man Bug Remover!!

Our formula dissolves even the most tough bug build up on your aircraft. Spray it on, let it sit for 30 seconds, and wipe it clean. No oily residue left behind. Just a clean aircraft, ready for another flight!

  • Dissolves & lifts insect matter
  • Spray on and wipe-off
  • Protects aircraft finish from the damaging acidic residue left by insects

For best results use after each flight to wipe down leading edges and other exterior surfaces of your aircraft.  Follow up with Post Flight Detailing Sprayto leave a smooth glossy finish making removal of insects even easier in the future! 

  • Works great on deice boots for removing bug matter
  • Great for automobiles as well. 
  • This product can be used on car and truck windows.

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