P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Paint Coating Surface Prep

Size: Pain Prep Glass Cleaner Quart Bottle
Sale price$5.99 CAD


Product Details:

  • Prep Solution for Inspiration Coating
  • Cleans Paint Surfaces
  • Removes Wax, Silicone & Other Contaminants
  • Allow Product To Work For 30 Seconds
  • Available in pints

Paint Coating Surface Prep is an exterior car detailing  solution used to prep vehicle surfaces prior to the application of automotive coatings. This product works by removing any and all residue left over from prior polishing compounds, wax, or other contaminants to ensure the performance of the final coating application is not hindered in any way.  Paint Coating Surface Prep is specifically formulated to be used alongside Inspiration Ceramic Coating as part of the P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection. A must have paint protection product for easy exterior vehicle detailing.

To properly clean exterior vehicle surface prior to applying Inspiration Ceramic Coating, spray a modest amount of Paint Coating Surface Prep to the paint surface. Allow the product to sit for 30 seconds and wipe clean, frequently rotating towel to ensure proper product removal. Repeat process over the entire vehicle. 



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