Wipe N Shine to Dress Tires, Exterior and Interior Trim P&S

Size: Labeled Spray Bottle (empty)
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Wipe N Shine features new technology originally formulated for use in industrial car wash environments. This new technology has proven to be the exterior and interior dressing of the future. This unique gel dressing may be applied in both dry and wet conditions. No need to use troublesome sprayers. To apply Wipe N Shine, simply wipe on and observe the instant gloss that gets better before your eyes. When used as a tire dressing Wipe N Shine stays in place and does not accumulate on the ground. Use Wipe N Shine to dress tires, exterior trim and interior vinyl and rubber. 

  • Original Gel Tire Dressing
  • High Gloss
  • Instant Gloss-no Fade
  • Waterproof Finish
  • Sponge Wipe on Application
  • 30 and 55 Gallon Drums Available Call for Quote

Customer Reviews

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Gurman Kaur

Not ideal for interior
Best for only tires

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