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Kit includes the following:

Pit Stop

Pit Stop Quick Detailer is your friend during OFF ROAD adventures for quick touch ups on the exterior and interior. Pit Stop is an extremely easy to use detail spray to remove dirt, fingerprints, dust and smudges.  Pit Stop provides UV protection and is safe on all surfaces both gloss and matte finishes.  A must to have while out on adventures.  Pit Stop may also be used as a clay lubricant.

 For best results, apply to cool surfaces in shaded area. Spray apply a light mist of Pit Stop to the surface or towel and wipe down surface.  Ideally use the OFF ROAD micro fiber towel.  Flip towel on a regular basis and wipe to bright clean finish.  Use generous amounts of Pit Stop when using as a clay lubricant to provide sufficient lubricity for removing contaminants from the surface.

Mud Buster

Mud Buster Total Wheel Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning both rims and tires. Mud Buster safely removes accumulated brake dust, oil, dirt, stains and light corrosion from premium quality wheels without damaging** the delicate surface.  Mud Buster is a unique cleaner that adheres to the wheel and tire surface to penetrate the dirt deposits cleaning them away. Mud Buster prepares tires for dressing and deposits a thin layer of special corrosion inhibitors to protect the wheel from future corrosion.

 Mud Buster All Around Cleaner is the perfect solution for removing accumulated dirt and grime from the undercarriage, frame, wheels and exterior surfaces on ATV's, dirt bikes, off-road trucks, and more.  Mud Buster is a unique cleaner when applied adheres to surfaces to penetrate dirt and grime. Mud Buster while cleaning also deposits a thin layer of special corrosion inhibitors to protect surfaces. Mud Buster is a heavy duty cleaner that may be used as is or diluted and delivered via a foam cannon.


Highly concentrated, high powered OFF ROAD Wash Soap.  Perfect for every day washing on ATV's, dirt bikes, off-road trucks, and more.  Wide Open is pH balanced but still strong enough to get the job done. Wide Open Wash creates a ton of suds to quickly infiltrate heavy dirt and mud.  The cleansing power of Wide Open will clean surfaces but leave lubrication intact. Easy on the finish of vehicles and easy on your hands.

Pre rinse with water and cool surfaces down prior to beginning wash process.  Use 1 ounce (two cap fulls) of Wide Open All Terrain Wash per gallon of water.  Scrub  with OFF ROAD wash pad t and rinse thoroughly.  Power blow dry or dry with drying towel.  For use in Foam Cannon pre-dilute with water 10 to 1.


Cockpit Interior Cleaner is set for cleaning all surfaces of the interior without the risk of damage. Cockpit was developed for use on all types of surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather. Use Cockpit as a standalone cleaner leaving no residue or a pre-cleaner prior to applying Full Send Deep Dressing.  Cockpit cleans without drying, discoloring or damaging the cleaning surface. Cleaned surfaces will feel clean and residue free.  Cockpit is the perfect for serious cleaner for interior surfaces after a hard day off road.

Use product straight or dilute up to 1 to 1 with water.  Spray apply a sufficient amount of product to produce foam.  Scrub with appropriate tool of your choice; towel, soft brush, scuff pad, magic eraser or other.  Once scrubbed wipe area clean with towel dampened with water.  Not necessary but if desired apply Full Send Deep Dressing after cleaning to enhance appearance.


Full Send Deep Dressing is all about conditioning, restoring and rejuvenating the OEM appearance to interior and exterior finishes on ATV's, dirt bikes, off-road trucks, and more.  Full Send is for use on all types of surfaces including rubber, plastic, vinyl and leather.  Full Send naturally penetrates deep to provide UV protection and appearance. Full Send is excellent for use on tires, wheel wells, under carriages, dashes, consoles, seats, etc.   Full Send creates a deep natural finish while providing UV protection.

 For best results, clean and dry the area to be dressed prior to product application. Spray or hand apply depending upon application and desired results.  Allow to dry to a glossy finish and wipe off excess material. 

 This kit comes with the whole Off-Road line. 4 pints and 1 quart.


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