Oberk 8 oz. Ultimate Kit

Size: with 5.5" pads for 5" backing plate
Sale price$159.99 CAD


The Ultimate and complete car care kit, a customer request is finally here!


  • (1x) 8 oz. Supreme Cut 
  • (1x) 8 oz. Supreme Polish 
  • (2x) Supreme Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad
  • (2x) Supreme Red Foam Polishing Pad 
  • (2x) Yellow Medium Grade Pad 
  • Fueled by testing and developing products, Oberk was developed to reinvent the process of paint correction and produce superior products in the automotive and detailing industry.  Years of testing products throughout the world created a need to produce products that simplified a process to polishing any paintwork. Oberk products are formulated for the top tier professional, and enthusiast alike.

The Oberk Complete System was formulated to take the guesswork out of paint correction. Pads & Compounds made to work flawlessly together.


  • Full line of Oberk Supreme Cut & Polish combo that removes light to severe paint defects. This product is intended for all levels of hardness of automotive paint.
  • Remove heavy scratches and swirl marks with Supreme Microfiber Cutting Pad & Supreme Cut compound. This is step 1 one of the Oberk Duo System.
  • Refine compounding marks and restore gloss and shine with Supreme Foam Polishing Pad & Supreme Polish. This is step 2 one of the Oberk Duo System.
  • Formulated without fillers; the results you see are the results you get
  • Optical grade micro abrasive technology for enhanced clarity and precision.

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