MTM Hydro KobraJet Non-Marking Grey Hose with QC 29.5225

Size: 50 feet
Sale price$149.89 CAD


MTM Hydro's KobraJet Non Marking Grey Kobrajet Hose is a true non-marking hose now features a thicker inner wall to prevent gashes and ruptures and is great for any pressure washing application. Kobrajet is manufactured out of high quality components and assembled in the U.S using 'Bite the Wire' technology when installing the 3/8" rigid and swivel fittings. This technique guarantees that your hose ends will stay in place and will not rupture or blow off during pressure spikes. These advanced fittings also have a longer life with superior resistance to corrosion due to the salt spray test which yielded results of 125 hours before corrosion was detected; nearly twice the industry standard, meaning your hose will last longer, especially in abusive environments.

  • 3/8" Brass Coupler on the Rigid End of the hose
  • 3/8" Plated Steel Plug on the Swivel End

MTM Kobrajet hose can handle temp spikes up to 310F but constant run temperatures should not exceed 275F.

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