MTM Hydro 3/8" Fixed Chemical Injector***

Size: 1.8mm orifice
Sale price$15.18 CAD


MTM Hydro's Fixed Chemical injectors were developed for use in a downstream chemical injection system. Downstream refers to 'after the pump and unloader' where the injector operates through the use of the Venturi effect. When the low pressure side of a dual lance is opened, the chemical injector's orifice is, then, the point of restriction which immediately creates a vacuum and begins drawing chemical. All MTM Hydro chem injectors have a maximum chemical draw of 20% of the flow through the injector, although with various points of restriction through an average system, actual flow is estimated at 12%-18%.

Size your Chem Injector by the GPM restriction and be sure to note whether you are looking for a specific version. Standard Chemical Injectors are fixed which means they are not adjustable to increase or decrease the flow of chemical and have a Stainless Ball, Seat, and Spring for corrosion resistance. Acid Chem Injectors look the same although they boast an enhanced corrosion resistance due to the inclusion of a Ceramic ball and Inconel Stainless Steel seat. If you are looking for an adjustable chem injector, this will allow you to change your flow of chemical into your high pressure line from 20% to as low as 3%.

This model is a Fixed version with Stainless Steel ball and seat. Note GPM and PSI restrictions before purchase.


  • 3/8" Male NPT Inlet x 3/8" Male NPT Outlet
  • Max - 300° F


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