Mountable Pad Hangers ***

Quantity: 20 Pack ($0.96/ea)
Sale price$19.58 CAD


New Product Release!

Oberk Car Care mountable pad hangers are a manufactured circular hook that can 'grab' the velcro/loop backing of any pad, up to 8" in size. We spent over 6 months making sure our mounts do not deteriorate or begin to lose their 'grab and we are happy to release this product to the public.

Perfect for a stylish or handy mounting to a cart, wall, wood board, or cabinet. Any material such as wood, metal, plastic, drywall that can accept a self-tapping screw, glue or a 3m command strip can be your new pad mount. The options are endless.

Although not included, our mountable pad hangers can be mounted via:


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