Menzerna Super Finish Polish 3500

Size: 1 L
Sale price$84.99 CAD


Swirl remover for a perfect mirror finish! Menzerna Super Finish 3500 is a versatile high-gloss polish for all automotive clear coats. SF 3500 removes polishing marks, micro-scratches and holograms for a brilliant deep gloss.

Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 is the next generation of Nano Polish PO 106 FF. Super Finish SF-3500 contains a micro-fine abrasive dust that quickly removes light imperfections and holograms while creating a mirror shine. This new formula features less dusting than the original Nano Polish and leaves your vehicle with the glossiest possible finish.

SuperFinish is our advanced solution for OEM assembly plant applications, body shops and detailing/reconditioning specialists.  It can be used with either a rotary or random orbital polishing machine.

If you are looking for a perfect, hologram and swirl-free finish on the darkest paint colours without any hiding or filling of defects, SuperFinish is your first choice for permanent defect repair.


  • Finest abrasives for removing fogging and holograms
  • Brilliant deep gloss
  • Silicone-free

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