Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound

Size: 32 oz
Sale price$54.99 CAD


Meguiar’s M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound was designed to provide body-shops and professional detailers with the perfect compound to take care of the severe damage they will inevitably be forced to fix. Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Speed Compound is graded to correct up to 1,200 grit sanding marks, so it is ready to take on even the most neglected cars you run into. 

  • very long working time, easy wipe-off, and very little slinging and dusting
  • heavy duty compound able to quickly correct a high level of damage severity
  • designed with a formula that maximizes correction results by pushing the working-time to the maximum. This extra-long working time also give the product plenty of time to evenly correct the finish.

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