Meguiar's Ultra Pro Finishing Polish

Size: 32 oz
Sale price$54.99 CAD


Meguiar’s M210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish is a professional grade finishing polish that will perfect the look of your vehicle without the use of defect hiding fillers. Meaning the results you get from Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Finishing Polish will last!

  • Expertly buffs out any light hazing or other paint defects and polish your paint surface to a perfectly smooth finish
  • The polishing oils give it the ability to provide reliable results, even on the most sensitive paint types
  • The lack of dusting and slinging combined with the easy wipe-off make Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Finishing Polish an excellent choice for any body shop or professional detailer

Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Finishing Polish is a part of Meguiar’s professional line of products, so it was crucial that they took several very important factors into consideration when making it; and they did. Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Finishing Polish was designed to be body-shop safe with no fish-eye causing silicones in its formula. It was also designed to generate little to no slinging or dusting to make prep and clean-up a lot easier. It will even wipe off clean and easy to make your job much faster!

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