Meguiar's Paint Reconditioning Cream

Size: 1 Gallon
Sale price$63.99 CAD


Meguiars Paint Reconditioning Cream D151 uses Meguiar’s cutting edge Unigrit abrasive and polymers to create a one-liquid solution that removes defects, produces incredible high shine with long lasting paint protection. One product does it all! Meguiars Paint Reconditioning Cream D151 is designed to provide fast and fantastic results in a high volume reconditioning facility, detail shop, or dealership.

  • aggressive enough to remove severe defects, yet gentle enough to produce a durable swirl free finish
  • fully adjustable polish. Change from a cutting pad to a light cutting pad, for example, to remove imperfections without holograms.
  • Use the Meguiars G110 Dual Action Polisher for light defect removal and a rotary buffer for heavier paint correction.
  • Apply by hand for ultra gentle swirl removal with absolutely no holograms.

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