Meguiar's Mirror Glaze -- Professional Show Car Glaze

Size: 16 oz
Sale price$19.99 CAD


Renowned for its superb glimmering finish, Meguiar's #7 Mirror Glaze is legendary among those who swear by the hand-rubbed philosophy. But it achieves splendid results when applied by orbital buffer or dual action polisher, also. This is a true showman’s glaze originally developed for the avid collector, serious enthusiast and show-car exhibitor. The depth of shine is nothing short of stunning!

  • high-yield polish with no protective qualities
  • follow application with a coat of top-quality wax such as Meguiar’s Premium Paint Protection or Meguiar’s Hi-Tech Paste Wax #26
  • rich emollients and nourishing oils produce a very deep, heavy mirror-gloss shine
  • #7 is safe to use on all paints and clear coats

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