Low Lint Lambswool Heavy Compounding Pads | Lake Country

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Size: 3.25"
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Low Lint Lambswool Heavy Compounding Pads | Lake Country
This Lake Country low lint lambswool pad has a foam Interface. Universal use and performance on all types of machines gives the user large amounts of flexibility.


Center ventilated cooling channel – Dissipates heat away from the center of the pad, reducing temperatures and increasing durability. This also allows for perfect pad alignment.

Unique wool material and ½ inch pile – Lake Country Low Lint Lambswool Pads feature an amazing cut with an unmatched finish. Offering superior residue control and better performance while operating on any machine, along with reduced linting, versus a traditional wool pad.

Padded interface backing – Utilizing a padded interface allows or each of use and increased durability of the pad.

Shape and design – Even pressure distribution on the pad offers better, more consistent results while eliminating micro marring. The pad design offer the safety of a tapered pad, but the performance of an exact fit pad.

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