Lake Country Ultra Fibre Cutting Pad

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Ultra-Plush Microfibre Pads for that Ultra-Finish!

Lake Country Manufacturing's advanced microfibre system is designed to remove moderate paint imperfections while leaving a swirl-free, ultra-gloss finish

  • Ultra-Plush Microfibre – Densely knit, long pile Ultra-Fibre™ material cuts fast without micro-marring, runs smooth and cool, leaving in a superior finish.
  • Works on all finishes – Can be used on factory paint, repainted surfaces and custom paint finishes.
  • One pad for all applications – Whether you're compounding, polishing or finishing, the specially selected core materials provide the perfect balance of firmness and conformability.
  • Ultra-Durable – Made with high grade microfibre material and the latest laminating technology. Machine washable.
  • Separate designs for DA and rotary polishers – Different rotations of the machines affect the polishing action. Discs are specifically designed for use with DA/random orbital machines and "cushioned" pads for rotary polishers.

DA/Random Orbital Discs. Ultra-Fiber™ Discs are made with a special cross-linked polyethylene core for maximum cutting and polishing ability, but flexible enough to adapt to curves and contours.   

Rotary Pads. Ultra-Fiber™ Pads are made with a special reticulated foam core designed to disperse heat that occurs with rotary polishing. The foam core also provides excellent flexibility for contoured surfaces. 

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