Prewash Knitted Wool Pads | Lake Country

Size: 3.5"
Sale price$6.99 CAD


Prewash Knitted Wool Pads | Lake Country 
These Pre-washed Lambs wool Polishing Pads are a knitted, pre-washed lambswool matted to a foam interface for maximum comfort, performance, and overall user experience. They were designed for heavy compounding when used with a dual-action polisher, and the foam interface pad allows for maximum durability!

Attached via hook and loop method. The larger sizes have a centre hole. All are 3/4" thick.


  • Denser Pads – The knitting process results in a denser pad with a plush appearance.
  • Durable backing – This backing is more durable than natural backing material, allowing for more washings.

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