Lake Country Double Sided Wool Pads

Type: 6" x 1" Double Sided Wool Pad
Sale price$33.99 CAD


 Double Sided Wool Pads 8" | Lake Country
What is the difference between Steamed and Un-Steamed pads?

By steaming the wool, the tufted wool yarn strands bloom with heat and moisture, providing a full, plush feeling. Un-Steamed wool pads the strands of wool are sewn tighter together resulting in more wool in the pad.

Double Sided Wool pads have become a standard in the composite, body shop and industrial markets. Centered every time and always balanced to save time and reduce fatigue.


  • Twisted Wool – Tightly wound, many contact points of abrasion, most aggressive, fastest cutting.
  • Durable Construction– Withstands light use for automotive purposes and strong enough for industrial applications.
  • Synthetics – Depending on the make up of the yarn the synthetic material tends to have less friction on the polishing surface which creates more of a polishing effect.

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