Sanding Blocks - (4PCS) | KXK DYNAMICS RID STIX

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Sanding Blocks - (4PCS) | KXK DYNAMICS RID STIX 

The KXK Dynamics R.I.D.STIX advanced sanding blocks are designed to aid in the removal of random isolated deeper scratches that cannot be achieved by compounding and polishing alone. When used in combination with sand paper, R.I.D.STIX ergonomic, patent-pending design, maximizes the contact between the sanding block and a vehicle panel to obtain a more consistent, even sanding mark that can be polished out quickly and easily! Years of research and development by Jason Kilmer, Eron Knox of Red's Detail Co., and Andy Ward of Proficient X results in TWO unique sanding block styles both designed to provide unique, tactile, and sensitive feedback to the technician!

• 2 Hard Foam White Blocks
• 2 Soft Foam Black Blocks

• Contours To Surface
• Beveled Top
• No Bevel On Bottom
• Customizable
• Length: 2"
• Width: 1/2"
• Height: 3/4"

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