Kränzle Hot Water Electric Pressure Washer K2175TST 2500 PSI 3.3 GPM - Special Order ***

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The Kränzle Hot Water Electric Pressure K2175TST hot water electric pressure washer produces 2500 PSI, 3.3 gallons per minute of power, making it an excellent choice for farms, factories, vehicle wash bays and other heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications. Equipped with a high-quality Kranzle pump, this unit is self-priming, can run dry, and has multi-hour bypass capability.

As part of the Therm series, the Kränzle Hot Water Electric Pressure K2175TST uses a downdraft coil-burner assembly which makes it more efficient that top-fed coil units. This model also has several safety features including an automatic on / off gun-jet control, safety shutdown and optical flame monitoring system.


PSI: 2500 max adjustable

GPM: 3.3

Electrical Requirements: 220V, 25A, 60Hz, single-phase

Weight: 484 lb

Dimensions: 41 inches length, 32 inches width, 47 inches height

Warranty: 1 year commercial

Additional Features:

      • Kranzle adjustable pressure unloader

      • Inlet water filter

      • Schedule 80 heating coil

      • Precise digital temperature control

      • Flame safety monitor

      • Steam-capable

      • Downdraft fuel-efficient 220V burner

      • Steel frame with plastic cover that holds all accessories 

      • Auto on / off gun-jet control with 30-second time delay

      • Safety shutdown after 20 minutes

Accessories Included:

    • 65 ft wire braided hose on hose reel

    • Professional gun-jet lance

    • Gauge

    • Safety coupler screw connections

    • Fan spray nozzle

    • Industrial Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzle

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