Kränzle K2020PMUSR 2000 PSI 1.9 GPM - Electric Wall Mount | Special Order

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Electric Wall Mount - Kränzle K2020PMUSR 2000 PSI 1.9 GPM  | Special Order 
This assembly ships via freight

The Kränzle K2020PMUSR 2000 PSI 1.9 GPM Electric wall mount system is designed to be a plug and play electric wash station. 

Complete with a 110V (volt) 20A (amp) Kranzle pressure washer, this PMU rests on a shelf that has an integrated 65 foot high pressure reel allowing for easy cleaning around any garage or wash bay. 

Shelf mount comes with a 2 foot oil drain line for easy maintenance, as well as an easily accessible 3/4 inlet hose barb for hard plumbing your inlet water supply, removing common leak points. 

Hose reel has a stainless steel high pressure swivel so your hose never gets tangled! 

Stainless quick connects kit come on the hose and the lance. 

Lance is a 12 inch insulated steel lance with a starlet trigger assembly

Sells with the following accessories:

- (1) 3.0 0* red tip

- (1) 3.0 15* yellow tip

- (1) 3.0 25* green tip

- (1) 3.0 40* white tip

- (1) 40 65*  black tip

- (1) Kranzle Foam Cannon


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