Koch-Chemie Gentle Snow Foam (GSF) (1L and 5L)

Size: 1 L
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Koch-Chemie Gentle Snow Foam is a high foaming, pH neutral cleaning foam with a unique cherry fragrance that can be used as a Snow Foam for pre-washing when applied with a foam gun or foam sprayer, and as a shampoo for manual car washing. GENTLE SNOW FOAM develops an even, well-moistened foam blanket that sticks to the entire surface, thereby allowing a long application time. Due to its pH-neutral formula, it does not corrode waxed or sealed surfaces. GENTLE SNOW FOAM can be enriched with Koch-Chemie GREEN STAR to create an Active Foam in order to quickly remove stubborn dirt and insects.

Areas Of Use

Cars, motorcycles, camping vehicles, etc.

Recommendations For Use

Snow Foam: Pour approx. 20 ml Snow Foam into 1 liter (1 quart) of water and lather the vehicle using a foam sprayer. If necessary, clean with washing mitts or similar and rinse with water. Handwash: Pour 50 ml into 10 litres (2.5 gallons) of water, clean the vehicle with washing mitts and rinse with water. Also perfectly suitable for application using a foam gun. Active foam: Pour 10-30 ml Green Star into the pre-mixed Snow Foam solution.


Before using, check suitability and compatibility. Do not let dry.



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