IGL Coatings Ecoshine F2 Polish Cutting Polish

Size: 300gm
Sale price$39.99 CAD


IGL Coatings Ecoshine F2 Polish

IGL Coatings Ecoshine F2 Polish is a super efficient cutting-polishing diminishing polish. This is due to our diminishing abrasive that breaks down when exposed to friction. This allows the removal of scratches, dullness and medium to coarse sanding marks such as P1500-P2000, dependent on the hardness of the treated paints. It may be used on both oxidised and new well dried paints.

 Features and benefits:

  • removal of scratches, dullness and P1500-P2000 sanding marks

  • quick and easy to use

  • minimal product usage

  • highly efficient to save time and products

  • non hazardous to the user’s health and environment

Paintwork Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Surface: All paintwork, plastic and glass

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