Dr. Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner | Hi-Tech

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Dr. Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner | Hi-Tech 
Dr. Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner is the LAST carpet cleaner you will need because it WORKS! The Amazing World of Enzymes Enzymes literally digest organic soil or waste, thereby, obliterating the stain and odor! As amazing as that sounds, it's true! This is the secret WHY this extraordinary cleaner is not just a cover-up, but an ELIMINATOR. Its true incredible strength is in the enzyme action. The enzymes go to work on your odor-causing stains like little Pac-Men eating pac-dots. The enzymes digest ("eat away") blood, vomit, urine, poop, milk, juice-even red ones, cosmetics, coffee, food, wine, pet stains, all your protein-based stains. The stain and odor are eliminated - gone! Dr. Foamy Enzyme Carpet Cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, and other oil-based stains, too. You will find Dr. Foamy will remove stains that other cleaners will not touch - effective for pre-treating stains in carpet or upholstery prior to overall cleaning. The Inverted Sprayer dispenses the cleaner at ANY Angle making it super quick and easy to use. VOC Compliant. Aerosol products ship via ground method only per federal regulations. 18oz Aerosol Available: 1 Can 2 Cans Case of 6 each gives you the greatest savings Directions: Always test an inconspicuous area prior to use. 1. Spray soiled area until moist. 2. Allow to dwell for at least 5 minutes. 3. Blot with a clean dry cloth. 4. If stains persist, repeat steps one and two and brush with upholstery brush to agitate stains. 5. To clean red stains from fruit juice, spray liberally to fully saturate the area to be cleaned and allow to dwell for 30 minutes. Remove using a neutral soap and water solution.

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