Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat

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Size: 500ml
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Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat provides unrivalled protection for all types of fabrics against mould, mildew, bacteria, microbes and everyday stains. 

It's ultra-durable water and UV-repellent formula bonds to each individual fibre, leaving the feel and breathability of the fabric completely unchanged. Gtechniq Marine Fabric Coat is ideal for re-waterproofing we weather clothing, sails, awnings and for coating interior fabrics. 

This product is based on environmentally friendly technology and contains no flurocarbons. 

  • Protects all types of fabric from mildew, mould and bacteria

  • Provides ultra-durable water and UV repellence whilst allowing the fabric to breath.

  • Ideal for re-waterproofing wet weather cloths, sails and awnings.

  • Contains no flurocarbons

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