Flex XFE 7-12 80 Mini DA Polisher

Sale price$471.99 CAD


The small, compact tool is the ideal complement to larger polishers. Perfect for spot repairs. It can be used for a large number of applications when working with difficult shapes.


Max. polishing pad diameter: 3in

Max. back-up pad diameter: 3in

Orbit-rate without load: 1800-5500rpm

Orbit: 12mm

Power input: 700 watts

Weight: 4.75lbs


  • VR electronic control: with tachometer-generator constant speed control, soft start, overload protection, and speed selection
  • Free-running drive for hologram-free finishing
  • 12 mm polishing stroke for high efficiency
  • Grip hood: ergonomically shaped with SoftGrip. The tool can be guided with precision and always provides a pleasant and safe grip
  • Lightweight and handy for use on smaller areas, difficult to reach places
  • Low heat generation on the surface makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive paints


  • Car restoration
  • Car repair shop
  • Smart repair
  • Maritime
  • Acrylic glass

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