P&S Double Black Renny Doyle Iron Buster - Iron Remover for Wheels and Painted Surfaces

Size: Quart Empty Spray Bottle
Sale price$4.99 CAD


Product Details:

    Iron Buster Iron Remover for Wheel & Paint Decon, is a colour changing, fast acting, pH balanced cleaner formulated to safely dissolve ferrous particulate from wheel and painted surfaces. Iron Buster iron remover will safely and effectively remove embedded iron particulate along with other contaminants from wheels and painted surfaces. Once applied product will quickly change to a purple colour when iron particulate is plentiful and then can be rinsed to produce a clean surface. 

    For paint - Wash and dry surface prior to product application for maximum effectiveness. Pre washing for wheels is not required. Once surface has been prepared spray apply a generous amount of Iron Buster to the paint and/or wheels. Allow product to dwell for 2 - 5 minutes. Do not alloy product to fully dry on surface. Rinse thoroughly with water using hose or pressure washer. Repeat process if necessary.



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