Elcometer 311 model T, FNF Steel/Aluminum

Sale price$1,149.99 CAD


Model T FNF: In addition to the paint thickness, this model displays the key statistical values used to assess the overall condition of the paintwork; number of readings (n), average coating thickness (x), the lowest paint thickness (Lo) and the Elcometer Index Value (EIV). It is also compatible with ElcoMaster software and ElcoMaster Mobile App, individual paint thickness readings can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation.
  • Fast reading rate of 60+ readings per minute significantly reduces inspection times
  • Switches instantly to measure coatings on steel & aluminum
  • Ergonomic design gives you maximum comfort when measuring vehicles all day
  • Automatic temperature compensation accurately measures in desert or alpine conditions alike
  • Wirelessly connect the Elcometer 311 via Bluetooth to your own inspection app or ElcoMaster for seamless reporting
  • Automatic rotating display allows you to read the thickness value on horizontal & vertical surfaces
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness to your lighting condition
  • Dust & waterproof rugged design equivalent to IP64, ideal for measuring in wet or dry conditions
  • Large easy to read values in mils & microns
  • Scratch, solvent & water surfaces resistant color display for protection against accidental damage
  • Part Number: A311CFNFTI
  • Calibration Test Certificate
  • Built in Probe Type: Steel & Aluminium (FNF)
  • Fast accurate reating rate: 60+ readings per minute
  • Accuracy: +-5% or +-20 micrometers (1.0mil)
  • Resolution: 10 micrometers (0.5mil)
  • Minimum Substrate Thickness: Steel - 800 micrometers (30mils) Aluminum - 300 micrometers (12mils) - FNF gauges only
  • Measurement Range: 0-500 micrometers (0-20mils)
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 122 degrees F
  • Relative Humidity (RH): 0 to 95%
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries or via USB (rechargeable batteries can also be used)
  • Battery Life: Alkaline - Approximately 16 h ours Lithium - Approximately 24 hours
  • Gauge Dimensions: 5.55" x 2.87" x 1.46"
  • Gauge Weight (including batteries): 156g (5.5oz)

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