CarPro Metallicut - Metal Polish

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CarPro Metallicut - Metal Polish 500ml

CarPro Metallicut was formulated to create a high gloss finish on all metals.

No expense is spared in the design of metallicut with diamond abrasive powders, and diminishing abrasive compounds providing a fast cutting action with a high gloss finish safe on even the softest of metals – chrome!

Fast and effective Metallicut is the go to metal polish for detailers for exhaust tips, chrome wheels, bumpers and trims. Create a better than new shine with Metallicut and a foam polishing pad by machine!

  • Effective on all types of metals including Stainless steel, aluminium, and chrome.

  • Fast effective cutting action

  • Can be used by hand or machine

  • High gloss finish

  • Safe on soft metals

  • Easy to use

Available in 150ml and 500ml.

For use by hand.

  1. Apply a small amount of Metallicut to a microfiber towel or wire wool depending on the metal type.

  2. Using medium to firm pressure work Metallicut into the metal surface until the product becomes less opaque.

  3. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff away any additional residue to a high shine.

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

For use by machine.

  1. Apply 6-8 drops of Metallicut to a firm foam polishing pad.

  2. Spread Metallicut on the surface at speed 1-2

  3. Increase to speed 4-5 to perform the cutting action until the abrasives are broken down and a high gloss is achieved.

  4. Using a clean microfiber towel remove buff any excess residue and repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

For use by drill attachment foam cone or buffing wheel

  1. Apply a liberal amount of Metallicut to the chosen tool.

  2. Spread Metallicut at low speed.

  3. Increase the speed of the drill and use a medium to high speed until the abrasives are broken down.

  4. Use a clean microfiber to buff off any excess residue and repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

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