Disposable Paper Floor Mats - 100pcs

Sale price$99.99 CAD


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The car paper floor mat is use of strong kraft paper, material wear-resistant, better dust-proof effect.During the visit to the customer, the paper floor mats can serve the purpose of keeping customer's car floor carpeting clean.
  • PRECISION PRINTING: Car peper floor mat using imported ink printing, exquisite and clear pattern, will not lose color.When it is made of plastic coating kraft paper, it is waterproof and can withstand wet applications and winter weather conditions.
  • ANTI-SLIP & WEAR-RESISTANT: Car paper floor mat is wear-resistant and unbreakable, tough and sturdy can withstand greater pressure and endurance.
  • ANTI MUD MATS: When there is mud or rain on your shoe soles,The car foot mats can , blocking mud and water from dirtying the interior space.
  • STAIN AND DIRT RESISTANT: Universal fit,Package Includes 50Pcs disposable paper floor mats. Car paper floor mat is dustproof and waterproof, easy to clean, can go out in all weather.

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