ALL SOL - Fast Drying Body Prep Solvent | CAR BRITE

Size: 1 gallon
Sale price$56.99 CAD


All Sol a fast-drying body prep solvent formulated to remove grease, tar and wax from exterior surfaces. All Sol is a great for removing petroleum-based stains from fabric.

  • Quickly and safely removes grease, tar and wax from paint and chrome
  • Effectively removes petroleum-based stains from fabric surfaces
  • Does not evaporate as quickly as most body prep solvents
  • Ready-to-use formula extremely easy to use

How to use All Sol Drying Body Prep Solvent

  1. Apply product with trigger sprayer to painted surface.
  2. Agitate solvent on vehicle with applicator pad.
  3. Thoroughly pressure rinse areas cleaned.

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