P&S Bust It Pre Soak/Prep Soap - Commercial Grade

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Bust It is designed to safely and effectively loosen stubborn road film for easy removal through the wash process. Bust It can be applied through a low pressure presoak arch or through high pressure prep guns and provide excellent results in both applications. During winter weather conditions when road films are at their worst, Bust It can be applied in both applications further enhancing removal of road film and providing a deep cleaning process to vehicle surfaces.

Hyper-concentrate Prep Wash

  • Hyper-concentrate Prep Wash
  • Low Pressure Arch Application
  • High Pressure Gun
  • Dilution range 100:1 to 400:1
  • 30 and 55 Gallon Drums Available Call 1-510-732-2628 for Quote

Part #'s: CW100505

Available Part Numbers



  • CW1005
  • CW1005
  •  P&S Sales
  •  Available in 5 Gal. & 30 Gal.
  •  New


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  •  Item Requires Shipping
  •  45.4 lbs.

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