Real Clean Aviation Bright Work Metal Polishes

Size: 16 oz Blue Polish
Sale price$74.99 CAD


These bright work polishes can be used individually or together in a 3-step polishing process for a great finish on your aircraft! All 3 polishes have a creamy consistency that is easy to apply and best used in small amounts. 

  • Bright Work Red Polish is designed to remove heavy oxidation and scratches. 
  • Bright Work White Polish is designed to remove light oxidation, water spots and cloudiness. 
  • Bright Work Blue Polish is designed to provide a final finish and deep shine. 

Application can be done by hand or machine. To use by hand, apply a small amount by hand with a soft cotton terry cloth towel and using a circular motion, rub surface until a clear mirror surface appears. To use with a machine, it is recommended to use a circular buffer with a wool pad. Apply a small amount and work surface until a clear mirror like surface appears.

Although each polish can be used individually and independently of one another depending on your detailing needs, we recommend using all 3 in the order of Red, White, and Blue for best results.


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