3M imperial Marine

Size: Quart
Sale price$43.99 CAD


3M Marine Compound and Finishing Material

3M Marine Compound and Finishing Material removes scratches, oxidation, stains, swirl marks and other blemishes that are robbing your boat of its beauty. This 'two-in-one' compound and polish eliminates common imperfections from fiberglass and marine gel coats. Boats look stunning with refreshed high gloss exteriors when compounded and finished with this special formula.

Does Double Duty for Marine Detailing

3M Marine Compound and Finishing Material restores the lustrous beauty of boats by eliminating oxidation, scratches, scuff marks and other surface blemishes. Its unique formulation combines a compound with finishing polishes, which does a double duty task of removing imperfections and polishing in one application. The simplicity and time savings of a 'two-in-one' product with compound and polish makes it a favorite among boat detailing professionals.

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