3D Professional Detailing Products - ACA 520 Finishing Polish

Size: 32 oz
Sale price$110.99 CAD



ACA 520 Finishing Polish is the industry's fastest hologram-free finishing polish.  It contains alpha ceramic alumina.  Alpha Ceramic Alumina is a revolutionary new water-based, abrasive polish that has been constructed to provide high speed, low heat, hologram eliminating polishing for the most challenging clear coats and single-stage paint. ACA 520 Finishing Polish is extremely versatile.  This formula contains no harmful solvents, kerosene of OSHA regulated crystalline silica. 

It easily corrects any painted surface leaving a hologram-free, glass-like finish without the need of adding fillers.  This eliminates the possibility of dye-back.  Fillers are added to other products to hide small scratches that some other polishes cannot remove. 

520 quickly removes every scratch left behind after the compounding step.  It is easy to use and has an easy cleanup. Get the perfect finish the first time, every time.  It works best when applied in a shaded area.  ACA 520 Finishing Polish is a sun-friendly polish.


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