3D Professional Detailing Products - ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound

Size: 32 oz
Sale price$99.99 CAD



3D ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ is infused with ALPHA CERAMIC ALUMINA™. Alpha Ceramic Alumina™ ACA 500 X-TRA is a revolutionary new abrasive which has been constructed to provide lower heat, high-speed levelling which will correct even the most challenging clearcoats and single-stage paint. This precisely engineered compound delivers TRUE PAINT PERFECTION in the absolute shortest amount of time.  

ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ is extremely versatile. ACA™ 500 is aggressive enough to correct the hardest new ceramic clear coats and refined to the point that extremely soft clears are not over lacerated. It is easy to use, easy to clean-up, is sun friendly and contains NO harmful Solvents, Kerosene or OSHA regulated CRYSTALLINE SILICA. ACA 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ can be perfectly paired with either a WOOL or FOAM pad and used with a rotary buffer or dual action polisher.

3D knows what every detailer wants; a simple TRUE PAINT CORRECTION SYSTEM that delivers the perfect finish in the shortest amount of time…EVERY TIME. 3D ACA™ 500 X-TRA CUT COMPOUND™ combined with 3D ACA 520 Finishing Polish is that system.

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